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SlMoustache's Profile Picture
Vanessa Mészáros
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

WARNING - I CANNOT make my own bases.

That way, I have to use pre-made bases or screenshots or fanarts of anime characters. If you do not like this kind of art, I highly apologize. Just ignore it. I am NOT willing to be dissed again for not being able of making my own bases. Though, I DO have a Graphic Tablet, I don't think I'm skilled enough to do my own bases.

Thank you for understanding.

My OCs :

•Ayane Konran Ayane Konran - FT OC by SlMoustache
•Azura Akatsuki Azura Akatsuki by SlMoustache
•Demeter Jewell Demeter Jewell - One Piece OC by SlMoustache
•Erika Erika - FT and OP OC by SlMoustache
•Lien Xia Lien Xia by SlMoustache
•Louise Dark Louise Dark - Re-design by SlMoustache
•Mika [Outfit Re-Design] Mika by SlMoustache
•Rosanna Roronoa Roronoa Rosanna by SlMoustache
•Scarlett Frieden Scarlett Frieden - FT OC by SlMoustache
•Sora Suzuki [Redesigned] Sora Suzuki by SlMoustache

Planned on : (✔ - already drawn)

♠ Toxic Pirates ♠ -currently on hold-

Members :

♣ "Toxin" Bryanna - Captain (main OC) ✔ Bryanna by SlMoustache
♣ "Symphony of Destruction" Alexa ✔ - Musician [Redesigned] 'Symphony of destruction' Alexa by SlMoustache
♣Collins Alexandra - Swordsman ✔ [Collins Alexandra] 'Azazel's cave ...' by SlMoustache
♣ "Snowy Death" Lero Cheynne - Navigator ✔ [Redesigned] 'Snowy Death' Cheynne Lero by SlMoustache
♣ "Dragonette" Williams Shera - Cook 'Dragonette' Williams Shera by SlMoustache
♣ "Eye of a hunter" Juri Thalia - Sniper (Gunner)
♣ "Gargoyle" Sharox Elvira - Doctor, First mate ✔ 'Gargoyle' Sharox Elvira by SlMoustache
♣ "Necromancer" Nico Onihana - Archaeologist ✔ [Re-design] 'Necromancer' Nico Onihana by SlMoustache
♣ Chao Elizabeth - Shipwright ✔ Chao Elizabeth by SlMoustache

Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin

My birthday badge

- Ey, yo Moustache, why do you make female OCs ONLY?
○ I was actually trying to make a male one, but I end up giving it up every time. And that's called The Sad Times, when you realize your life is worthless.
Twitter - SlMoustache
Add me on ! Server 129 (Erik)
my username is SlMoustache
Drawcrowd :


'Dragonette' Williams Shera
The cook Monkey D. Luffy (Thumbs Up) [V1]
Btw, the bacground and the sand just came to me, she doesn't have the Sand fruit, since it's used by Crocodile.
Points  Commissions & Art Trades OPEN -…
Name : Shera Williams

Affiliation : Toxic Pirates
Occupation : Pirate

Epithet : Dragonette (idek)

 Age : 18
 Status : Alive
 Birthday : September 9th
  Height : 158 cm

Bounty : Beli 58 000 000

Weapons : Shikomizue

Pairing : None

 Devil Fruit : None
Weapon Devil Fruit : Tatsu Tatsu no mi
(allows the weapon to transform into a small dragon)

Personality :
Shera is mostly the 'Kuudere type'. She rarely shows much emotion and is pretty smart.
Though, she can have a funny comment on some things, she still remains deadpan and keeps on a poker face.

Base : Sorano Agria/Angel
One Piece © Eiichiro Oda
Well, I was a bit struggling if some of my OCs are Mary Sues or not.
For this, I chose Lien Xia, an OC with which I've been struggling the most. (Ice Dragon Slayer, yada, yada ...)


1) Be honest with your answers. Unless you're honest; you're not going to know whether or not your character is a Sue.

That's the only rule. There will be lots of questions to be answered which all have their own little category. Afterwards, add all the points that you earned from each question and check out your result. This was not meant to offend anyone so I apologize if you're offended. This was meant to help people. Anyways, feel free to add this into your journal and have fun answering the questions.

Okay, let's do this thing!


What is the name of your character?
• Lien Xia

Does your character's name have some kind of special meaning? [2 points if yes]
• Nah

What is/are the main fandom(s) your character is in? [2 Points if more than one]
• Fairy Tail

Is your character unusually attractive? [3 points]
• Not really

Unusual characteristics? (ie. Cat ears, cat tail, unusual eye color, Unusual hair colors [firey red, blue, white, green, rainbow, purple and pink all count]) [4 points. 5 extra for Cat features if the character is in anime fandom]

• Nah, she is normal for Fairy Tail

Does your character's clothing resemble any canon character's? [2 points]
• I don't think so.

Is your character from a place that the fandom doesn't take place in? [3 points]
• Not at all

Is your character related to a supreme being? (ie, god/goddess, Satan, angels ect...) [6 points]
• I don't know if a dragon counts? I'll take the points I guess

Does your character practice witch craft? [2 points]
• Is magic considered witch craft? I mean, it's normal in Fairy Tail. (1 point)

Is your character in love with a canon?
• Well, yes, Gajeel Redfox. But it's a one-sided crush, which she doesn't want to admit.

Are they romantically involved? [4 points]
• Hell no.

Do they end up having kids? [4 points]
• Nah

Did they get married? [2 points]
• Nope

Do they have flaws in their relationship? [Not worth any points]

Are there other canons who lust over your character? [4 points. Extra 3 if more then one canon lusts after your character]
• Nah, everyone mostly sees her as a sister, or the 'Cool best friend' type

Is your character related to any of the canons by blood? [2 points]
• Nope, Azazel was inspired by Tekken 6's Azazel.

Is your character in love with more than one canon? [2 points]
• Nah, she's not that kind of person

Has your character had past romantic relationships with other canons? [7 points]
• Nah

Does your character hate any of the canon characters and wishes to hurt/kill them? [6 points]
• Well, she doesn't get along with Evergrenn, but hurting or killing her? ... nah. (2 points)

Has your character ever been involved with prostitution/drugs/child abuse/rape? [4 points]
• Hell no

Has your character had any tragedy in his/her past? [5 points]
• If the Dragon disappearance counts ... x'D (3 points)


56-88= Uber sue; I'm sorry but your character is a total sue. Try not to make your character too powerful or too attractive. Maybe give your character some flaws and you can be sure to have an OC. Keep on developing your character; he/she has a lot potential.

41-55= Mary Sue. Your character is rough around the edges but with a little more polishing then your character will become a loveable OC. Maybe either give your character more or less flaws. Try to make them a bit more believeable and you will have an OC.

21-40= You have a very well balanced character. Good job on having a true OC.

20 and under= Anti sue. Why are you taking this?
Oh yes Lenny chat emote (Reupload)
Though, if I would find a Fairy Tail based test, she may or may not be a Mary Sue, due to her magic. But this helped a little i guess x'D
  • Listening to: Weak Fantasy
  • Reading: Letters, words and sentences
  • Watching: My screen
  • Playing: Paint Tool SAI
[Outfit Re-Design] Mika
Points  Commissions & Art Trades OPEN -…

Name : Mika

Affiliation : Revolutionary Army (OP) / Fairy Tail (FT)
Occupation : Revolutionary, Fishman Karate Student (OP) / Mage (FT)

Epithet : -

 Age : 19
 Status : Alive
 Birthday : April 1st (:D)
  Height : 164 cm

Bounty : -

Weapons : Uses Hand-to-Hand combat and her Devil Fruit (OP) / Hand-to-Hand combat & Magic (FT)

Relatives : - (OP) / Juvia Loxar (cousin, FT)

Pairing : None

 Devil Fruit : Kaze Kaze no mi
English name : Wind Wind Fruit
Meaning : Wind
Type : Logia

Strenghts : 
This fruit allows the user to generate powerful gusts of wind from their limbs and body.
These bursts of air can vary in intensity and range depending on the width of the blast. Wide ranged bursts of air can reach speeds nearly equal to hurricane winds easily blowing away enemies and light projectiles, while narrowing the currents will result in a spiralling reinforced stream capable of piecing weak armours. (OP)

Weaknesses :
The user is only able to manipulate air in a roughly 40 meter radius, limiting the mass destructive capabilities of this fruit. Other weaknesses lie in the fact that it is highly affected by environmental temperature change, making a user's air-transformed body expand quickly and rendering it difficult to control or even move at all when exposed to a large heat source such as fire from the Mera Mera no Mi. While the user is transformed, they are not invisible as with regular air, but the user takes on a distinct and visible shimmering grey colour so they cannot rely on the transparency of regular, unmanipulated air.

Magic: Wind Magic
          Memory Make (student at, not used often due the fact it's not mastered)

Personality :
Mika is a happy-go-lucky girl with somewhat childish behavior. Though, she is still able to read the situation, unlike Luffy. She can be naive and has a positive perspective on almost everything.
Base : Lucy Heartfilia (ch. 420)
One Piece © Eiichiro Oda
Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima
Chao Elizabeth
Points  Commissions & Art Trades OPEN -…
Fairy Tail and One Piece (mainly) OC.
Name : Elizabeth Chao

Affiliation : Toxic Pirates
Occupation : Pirate

Race : Fishman Hybrid

 Age : 19
 Status : Alive
 Birthday : November 10th
  Height : 164 cm

Bounty : Beli 88 000 000

Weapons : A dagger

Pairing : None

Personality : Elizabeth, or Eliza (as she is nicknamed), is a Tsundere type, also has a short temper.
Other than that, when in a good mood, she's pretty much a 'Happy - go - lucky girl'

 Devil Fruit : None, uses Fishman Karate to fight.

Due to being a Fishman hybrid, she may or may not be able to breath underwater and her power will be half much than a full Fishman's.
[Re-design] 'Necromancer' Nico Onihana
Points  Commissions & Art Trades OPEN -…

Note : I'm giving Onihana the powers of Elizabeth and making Eliza a Fishman Hybrid, without a Devil Fruit.
Onihana is also taking her epithet. I don't have a new epither for Eliza yet, and only a few people knew she's a Fishman Hybrid.
Name : Onihana Nico

Affiliation : Toxic Pirates
Occupation : Pirate

Race : Human

Epithet : Necromancer

 Age : 28
 Status : Alive
 Birthday : August 18th
  Height : 195 cm

Bounty : Beli 72 000 000

Weapons : A staff

Pairing : None

Personality : Onihana is a kind, yet strict person. She is very patient and usually quiet.
Devil Fruit
: [No name has been added yet]
  • English Name :
  • Meaning :
  • Type : Paramecia

Strengths : The user is able to 'revive' (or better said 'reanimate') animals for a time being, by collecting fossils. In order to 'revive' an animal, they have to 'bond' with the animal's 'soul', by cutting into their palms. (This power is somewhat similiar to Celestial Spirit Mages in FT)

Weaknesses : The user cannot 'revive' humans. If the animal's 'soul' refuses to bond with the user, it can't be 'revived', meaning the user cannot use it in battle, nor will others be able to see it. Other than that, the user suffers from standart Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Side effects: As a side effect, the user is able to see the souls of animals.

I would appreciate, If someone could suggest a name for the Devil Fruit. I have no idea what kind of name could be used.


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